Studio Policies

Dear Parents, 

If this is your first time as a band parent, welcome to a very large club! If your student is a beginner, please keep in mind that they must walk before they can run . . . Lessons are one of the best things that you can do to help your child progress, especially with low brass instruments. 

Lesson Prices: The price of your students' lessons are set by your student's school district's fine arts programs; usually by the fine arts director. Please see their policy. The schools that I service range from $18-$26 for one lesson that lasts approximately 25 minutes. Longer lessons are available, but they will need to take place before or after school. Lessons during the summer months are approximately 30 minutes.

Lesson Payments: Lessons are billed for the month in advance and are due by the 12th or the second Friday of the month. If your child misses a lesson due to sickness, I will make every effort to make it up. Absences due to sickness will result in a credit to the following month, or a refund, if they cannot be made up. Other absences require 24 hour notice. Lessons missed without notice may or may not be made up, and no refund will be issued except in extraordinary circumstances. If I must miss a lesson, which is  rare, the lesson will be made up or a credit issued.

Payment Options: Cash, check, credit cards or Venmo, please contact me for information. Scholarship funding is available from most schools through your child's band director.

Payment Types: Credit cards and electronic payments are accepted through my online Square store. Checks and cash are accepted. Exact change is appreciated. I am also accepting Venmo.

Missed/Make Up Lessons: If your student must miss their lesson, please notify me at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise a credit may not be issued for the lesson. The only exception is: If your child wakes up with an illness on the morning of lesson day. Make-up lessons can be scheduled if a mutually agreeable time is reached.

Late Payments: Consistent late payments could incur a late fee of $10 per month. Lesson slots may be moved to after school when payment is more than 30 days delinquent, especially if there is no communication from parents.

Returned Payments: Returned checks will incur a $35 fee. 


Appointments: Please try and schedule any doctor/dentist appointments on a day other than your lesson day. In many cases I am only in your child's school one day a week, and sometimes only for three class periods or less. Dental/Orthodontic Appointments: Please try to avoid dental appointments the day before your student's lesson and a week before any contests, festivals or performance. It really can hinder the quality of a performance!

Practice: It is important that your child practices on a regular basis. Practice time should be regularly scheduled and setup to motivate students to succeed - set achievable goals! Much more progress will be made if students practice regularly. Students can download free apps to their phones for assistance while practicing, such as a tuner and metronome. "MusiciansKit" is available for iOS and Android phones. There are many other options, though the "pay" versions tend to have more functionality and fewer bugs. 

Summer Lessons: Lessons are available as my schedule allows.

Privacy: Registration Information will not be shared, sold or otherwise given away. The only exception is for communication with your school band director and/or relevant school district employee(s) or booster treasurer for lesson scheduling and/or scholarship invoicing. 

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