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Why Private Lessons? 

Students participating with instrumental music programs during middle school and high school perform better in all academic areas when compared to non-band members. Numerous studies have found a positive relationship between music and a student's academic achievement. Music teaches self-discipine, reinforces self-esteem, fosters critical thinking skills, creativity and promotes teamwork. 

A private teacher can help your child learn specific concepts and techniques about their instrument that are not covered in a large band class or found in a band method book. Lessons can also help your child understand the proper care and maintenance of their instrument to avoid costly repair bills. 

Think of private lessons as an apprenticeship. You can learn so much more from someone who is a specialist in that industry! 


My Philosophy

Your child comes with unique experiences, interests and learning styles. My goal is to get to know your child well and use this knowledge to guide, support and motivate him or her. An individual lesson plan is tailored based on your son or daughter's needs. 

What We Do In a Lesson

During each lesson, we will practice scales, musical rhythms, prepared music, all-region etudes, all-state etudes, sight reading and other items as your child's ability increases. We also review your child's school music and work on any difficult areas. I can help your son or daughter achieve their potential. 

Materials needed for each lesson: 

Instrument and mouthpiece

Method Book 

Band Class Music

Special Music, such as All-State and/or All-Region audition music




Your child will have homework each lesson that will reflect the skills being covered in lessons. Middle school students should strive to add 20-30 minutes of practice time to their homework time for other academic areas after school. High School Students who make a region band, normally practice at least 30 minutes a day.






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