Oscar Stover at Northwestern

Director of Bands 1960-1976

Above: 1960-1961 photos

Above: 1961-1962 

Above: 1962-1963. The Ranger Band is playing in the background, however, this recording is believed to be from 1972. 


Above: pictures from 1963-1964. Homecoming drew 23,000 fans, 34 bands and 30 floats. Mel Torme was the featured artist at The Big Show and the Homecoming Dance. Music in the background from The Ranger Band in the early 1970s. 

Above: 1964-1965 pictures, mostly from the school's yearbook. Homecoming attracted 20,000 visitors. There's several color photos of the band on Newby Field. 

Above: 1965-1966 pictures. Marilyn Mason, longtime professor of organ at The University of Michigan, was originally from Alva, Oklahoma. She designed the organ at the local First Presbyterian Church, though the photo on the front page is believed to be of her studio organ in Ann Arbor. Several pictures of the new 1960s era church appear in Stover's scrapbooks. 

Above: 1966-1967. Stover taught at the Southwestern Oklahoma State University Summer Band Camp. The Big Show at Homecoming featured two groups: the New Orleans Preservation Hall Jazz Band and The Four Freshmen.

Above: 1967-1968

Above: 1968-1969

Above: 1969 - 1970. Stover was named Teacher of the Year by the Oklahoma Education Association and also appointed a state representative to a committee for the Music Educators National Conference. 

Above: 1970-1971. Stover taught at a summer band camp in Montana through The University of Montana. 

Above: 1971 - 1972. Oscar was appointed by President Nixon to the Kennedy Center Advisory Board. The Ranger Band plays in the background, ca. 1972, with Curt Wieland, Trumpet Soloist. 

Above: 1972-1973

Above: 1973-1974

Above: 1974-1975. Stover returns to Michigan State to conduct the Marching Band Alumni Band at a home football contest vs. Northwestern (of the Big Ten). 

Above: 1975-1976. Stover announces his retirement from full time teaching. Bicentennial celebrations: parades and concerts. 


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