The pictures above were taken in the Cherokee Strip Museum in Alva, Oklahoma. Oscar Stover bequeathed many items to the museum, including his train set and many musical instruments. He could have used some of this recording equipment to create his audio library.


from the Stover Archives

About this page: Stover left over 1000 LPs, hundreds of cassettes and numerous reel-to-reel recordings. A quick perusal reveals recordings from the 1930s at Coffeyville and Pittsburg Teachers College, 1940s at Coffeyville Junior College, 1950s at Michigan State, 1960s at Northwestern State College and numerous other recordings of interest to researchers, amateurs and others. This page contains these recordings, identified as found in the archive. If you believe some of these recordings are in error, please advise me with the "contact me" link at the bottom of the page in the red bar.

Every effort will be made to verify the identity of each recording. Some of the cornet recording are labeled from a broadcast made by Ron Stokes, presumably from Columbia University.


Jack Kimmel was a student of H. Owen Reed in the 1950s at Michigan State. He arranged many selections for the marching band, including the 1954 and 1956 Rose Bowl Appearances. I came across a cassette by "Kimmell and MacLEAN" in the Stover Archives one day. This may or may not be that Jack Kimmel singing in the track below.

Ellington Medley



June 2017

Another "Masters of the Cornet Tape" has been located, this labeled "Masters of the Cornet Tape 2." Stover's typed notes read, "Continuation of the tape from Ron Stokes." Presumably from a radio broadcast originating at Columbia University, where Stover studied one summer.

Stover Notes

Fantasy La Capriccio     George Swift

Carnival of Venice     del Staigers with Band

Stars in a Velvety Sky     Leonard Smith with U.S. Navy Band

A Kiss in the Dark     Leonard Smith with the U.S. Navy Band

June 2017

Recordings of the MSU Band with Leonard Falcone. A Tape with Gordon Jacob's "Music for a Festival" labeled, "1952 MSU Band". Some highlights below.

Overture - Movement II

Round of Seven Parts - Movement III

March - Movement VI

Madrigal - Movement IX


June 2017

Harvey Phillips plays Youmans "Carioca"


University of Kansas Band, Russell Wiley Conducting. Wiley taught at Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma, before he was appointed Director of Bands at the University of Kansas in 1934. He founded the Tri-State Music Festival in Enid, and under the leadership of Milburn Carey, Tri-State grew to over 23,000 participants and 100,000 spectators in the 1970s. The recordings below, undated, were found in the Stover Archives.

Third Suite by Jager, Movement 1

Third Suite by Jager, Movement 2

Third Suite by Jager, Movement 3


Master of the Cornet Recordings

One tape cassette labeled "Masters of Cornet Tape I" contained several recordings unmarked on the cassette or insert label. Some of these appear to be recordings of live radio broadcasts of the station at Columbia University. They contain recordings of artists from the Gilmore Band, Sousa Band, Goldman Band and Victor Orchestra. Herbert L. Clarke is a well-known name, but the recordings of Tom Clark (Gilmore Band), Jules Levy, W. Paris Chambers, and Alexandro Liberati (Gilmore Band), caught me by surprise. They are linked below to a google drive account, they may play in your browser, and/or you may need to download a driver to let them play, depending on your system and browser.


Recordings of Jules Levy, Cornet, of the Gilmore Band, with piano. Originally wax cylinder.

Our Own Polka

Hyacinth Polka

MAUD - Eldorado Waltz

Last Rose of Summer

Recordings by W. Paris Chambers, originally on wax cylinder.


The Sarah


Recordings of Henry Higgins, Cornet, assistant principal to Herbert L. Clarke. Wax Cylinder.

Polka Brilliante



Recordings of Walter Rogers, Cornet. Clarke admired Rogers' playing. Originally wax cylinder.

The Volunteer

Lewell Waltz


Recording by Del Staigers, Cornet, of the Goldman Band.



Recordings of Herbert L. Clarke, Cornet.

La Veta Caprice

Whirlwind Polka

Speech about Frank Simon (business related)


Recording by Alexandro Liberato, Cornet, of the Gilmore Band. Originally wax cylinder.

Remembrances of Switzerland


Recording of Al Sweet, Cornet.

Commodore Polka


U.S. Navy Band. Lt. Mitchell, Conductor

National Emblem

King Cotton


Michigan State Band. Leonard Falcone, Conductor. Date Unknown, but likely 1950s.

Prelude to Act I of Traviata. Verdi/Falcone

Father of Victory. Ganne.

Procession of the Nobles. Rimsky-Korsakov.


Norman Lee Publications. A Cassette labeled "Norman Lee - Music Lee Yours" contained recordings made in 1964 with Norman Lee and his friends. Norman Lee started his own publishing company in Wichita, Kansas, that eventually became part of C.L. Barnhouse.

Foolish Tears

Closer Walk With Thee

Pitch In


A cassette labeled as "Unusual from Vaughn Hill" included a recording of the U.S. Air Force Band with Brian Bowman as soloists.

Fantasia D'Concerto. (Boccalari). Brian Bowman, Euphonium.


1976 Christmas Celebration in Alva, Oklahoma. Presumably performed at First Presbyterian Church in Alva.

His Love Ever Reaching


The Goldman Band. Richard Franko Goldman, Conductor. Date Unknown.

Chester Overture


University of Michigan Band Recordings. Circa 1950s - 1960s.

Bombasto. (Farrar). Cliff Lillya, Conductor.

Black Jack. (Huffer). Cliff Lillya, Conductor.

Symphonic March. (Bonelli/N.D. Falcone). William Revelli, Conductor. Presumably live  from tour of USSR in 1961. Nicholas Falcone served as Director of Bands prior to Mr. Revelli and was Leonard Falcone's brother.

American Civil War Fantasy. (Bilik). William Revelli, Conductor. Presumably live from tour of USSR in 1961.


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