The Oscar Stover Archives

Early Career: Coffeyville, Kansas and 
Kansas State Teachers College 1935-1942

Above: Stover attended Kansas State Teachers College at Emporia for one year, then after running out of money, returned to Coffeyville and attended the Junior College from 1931-1933

There are several scrapbooks that contain memorabilia from Coffeyville. The video above is from the first separate section in the first scrapbook. The pictures date from the early 1930s, and include documentation of Stover's service in the Kansas National Guard. In two photos, Stover is pictured with a Holton Trumpet, which is remarkable given that I am also researching the history of Frank Holton.

The slideshow above dates from the late 1930s. Stover studied at Kansas State Teachers College - Pittsburg. While there, he sang in a popular male quartet. He became a brother of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity in 1934 and remained active as an alumnus. 

Above: Stover family from birth until high school. 

Above: Oscar Stover & Catherine in Kansas 1930s to World War II Service. 

Above: HORSES! In addition to trains and photography, horseback riding was one of Stover's hobbies. These pictures date from the 1930s, likely mid to late 1930s. They include his wife Catherine and the Cooper family and friends in Coffeyville, notably Jim Spoon, who Stover would serve with during WWII. 


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