Dr. John Swain Archives

John Joseph Swain completed his Ph.D. at Michigan State University in 1985. His dissertation,  A Catalog of the E-flat Tubas in the Arne B. Larson Collection at the University of South Dakota, is standard reading for anyone interested in the history of the tuba or York Band Instruments. Dr. Swain was an avid researcher into anything to do with York, especially the history of the company prior to 1970. His personal website at California State Los Angeles was taken offline after he lost a battle with cancer in 2003. 

As I cataloged York instruments at the National Music Museum, I tried to create a digital database of the files stored at the NMM (formerly the Shrine to Music Museum). This is what I am posting here. Other than converting these files to a format for display on the internet, they are as I found them. Please understand that Dr. Swain's email is no longer active and internet links from his archive may be broken. As stated elsewhere on the website, please observe Dr. Swain's copyright requests and do not use this material for commercial distribution. 


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